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Web Design

Everything you can imagine, I can do. And some more. Are you ready?


Three quarters of potential buyers check the product through Internet. You will need a comprehensive platform that will facilitate the management and also maintains an incredible look. You will be surprised!

Maintenance / Retouching

If you already have a website and want to make any changes or add functionality not hesitate to contact me


With time and money anything can be achieved

Jacobo De Funes

My Work

Who is this Guy?


Starting to tinker with motherboards and cpu at age 11, I became interested in programming at 13.
My first code was not a "hello world" but a celsius to fahrenheit converter in visual basic 6. Much has happened since then.
On my way to excellence, I have known both models to follow and pseudo-programmers. I love clean code, well structured and properly commented. Handling both the area of systems such as management.
I'm a fan of cloud, virtual machines and bitten apples.

Nerdy Skills

  • Design 100%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 95%
  • Search Engine Optimzation 50%
  • ASP,PHP100%
  • Vbscript,Jscript100%
  • jQuery 100%
  • Node.js40%
  • Prestashop 60%
  • Google Blogguer 70%
  • Wordpress 60%
  • VB6100%
  • VMWare,VirtualBox70%
  • Photoshop,Dreamweaver90%
  • Notepad ;-)105%
  • Much more60%

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